Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I Can't Draw."

I'm tired of being afraid of drawing! Even the thought of sketching Skelekitty has scared me in the recent past (though I could probably render one of her in my sleep by now). After seeing the unbelievable progress that my Sistah in Craftiness, Yoli of Sacred Snatch, made in her online mixed-media class with Suzi Blu, I bit the bullet and joined up.

I'm still waiting for my personality and style to come through in my drawings, but I have faith that it will come. In the meantime, I'm learning some pretty fun and easy techniques that are taking the fear out of faces.

Here's the first time I ever put a freehanded pencil (graphite) to paper without erasing every single stroke:
Homework - eyes, lining up a face, beg. shading

Within two days of exceedingly earnest work, I'd managed shading and color with watercolor pencils, artist pencils and acrylic glazes:
WIP color shading on watercolor paper

And finally, today, a paper doll head for an upcoming project (for Monday):
paper doll head (on watercolor paper)

Now that I think about it, the purple hair does have a bit of my personality to it, huh?

Back to the drawing board - More sketches & then on to birch plywood!