Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Side of "Krissi"

I know most of the art up on my site is colorful to the point of garishness, and on top of that, it features a lot of anatomical pieces (hearts, bones, etc.). Hey, it's my thing. However, I thought several of my readers might be interested in seeing some of the "tamer" stuff (pun intended) I've done.

Case in point - "Bear and Valentino"

I created these two custom quilts from photographs (which I hope is obvious) for my friend Donna's wedding this summer. Since Donna doesn't splay her life out on the interwebs like some of us (how inconsiderate, huh?), the photos were obtained with a lot of spy work done by one of her friends, her sister and son working as a team.

Handpainted quilt of "Valentino"photo of Valentino
Handpainted quilt of "Bear"photo of Bear

I like the way these turned out a lot, and I like the technique even more. Oddly enough, I'd been rolling just such an idea around in my brain for about 8 or so months when I saw a how-to article in Cloth Paper Scissors (Issue 18, May 2008) by Jane Lafazio. Well then I just HAD to do it right there and then - I mean I had a dog-nut getting married in a month, anyway. Photos of the quilts' processes (say that 3 times fast), are available on my Flickr account.

I'm hoping to do quite a few more of these, but in colors that are less sedate AND all together at once, all Krissi-like and stuff:

So there you go - garish at last (like it wasn't going to happen or something).

p.s. Oh, and yes, I take requests, though not until the end of August. E-mail me to have a size/price/detail conversation.