Friday, August 22, 2008

Craft Storage (IKEA)

Did you know that fabric and crafting supplies are actually gaseous substances which expand to fit the available space? Of course you did.

I opened my link to one of my new favorite blogs, Craft Critique, earlier this week to find a post on Ikea for Craft Storage. I love this site because the reviews are clear and informative and, once again, they don't disappoint. Lexy Daly gives two great reviews on IKEA's Helmer and Alex workspace storage cabinets with measurements, prices, pros, cons and much more.

It just got me to thinking about my own storage ... umm ... struggles. I've been using the EXPEDIT system from IKEA and really love it, especially now that they have the door and drawer inserts available.

I started off with a 4x4 for my fabrics and light box/projector, etc.:
EXPEDIT cabinet with door & drawers

Fat Quarters Ahoy!
my most-used or recently used prints

added a 2x4 (with KASSETT boxes):
storage boxes from IKEA (KASSETT in red)

and now I have a new 5x5 (!) that I installed:
New storage (July 08)

I actually have the drawers in the 5x5 cabinet, but not the new cabinet doors. Slowly, things are being put AWAY! Once I finish, I'll take a photo for posterity (since it's unlikely it will be in a clean-enough-to-photograph state again).