Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a Sparkletastic Day!

Whew! I almost can't believe I made it through yesterday, but boy, was it ever fun!

I started off my morning (like almost every morning) by reading a few pages of whatever book I have my nose glued in at the moment. Right now, I'm re-reading A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez for the first time since college (I graduated in '88, so it was a while ago). I'd forgotten everything except that everyone had the same name (Aureliano) and the bit about the piggy tails, but it's all coming back now in a torrent of dark, hysterical, tragic, latin mystical ... umm ... "ness."

While I was loafing about being a bookworm, Yoli was busting her hump making an awesome lunch for La Crafty Chica y familia! I contributed what I consider, if I do say so myself, a yummy "Mexican Fruit Salad with ancho chile powder and a taste of tequila!"

Mexican Fruit Salad!

There was a super tasty menu - each sammie was assembled and grilled by Sharon and Yoli.

menu & art by Yoli Mazo of Sacred Snatch Designs; photo by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Yoli's decorations were awesome! Kathy's books and Yoli's custom Crafty Chica Empowerment Guardian (Angel) helped to make this a truly Crafty Chica luncheon!

Party decorations! Yoli's decorations for Chica pre-party! Whatta table!

There was even an extra "loving" shrine on display!

shrine by Kathy (!) for Rain thru

Yoli even decorated the cuppy cakes!

toppers made by Yoli out of Crafty Chica "Mojito" decorative papers
Tower o' Crafty Cupcakes

Here are the "glitter" cupcakes that Amy of Peptogirl Industries brought with her (after battling and finally winning with Mapquest!)

And there was much merriment to be had by all!

Great minds think alike - Kathy wearing her custom Skelekitty earrings from me and with Rain and the fiesta calavera earrings she made for Kathy.
Cute Kathy in her new Skelekitty earrings! Rain & Kathy

Helped along by the awesome food and Sacred Mama's Magic Sangria!

Yoli with Virginia, her 'Sacred Mama,' as she makes sangria! Kathy deciding on whether to have white or red...
Yoli, Virginia & Kathy

Patrick wonders if he can take two more days of glitter and estrogen... D'Angelo has already checked out with his Sidekick.
El Patrick!

And all of this before 3pm! Whew! Everyone took a little break after that and we met up at the Sacramento (Truxel Road) Michaels store for the official Spread the Sparkle event!

Check back in for Part 2 - The Invasion of Michaels!