Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You KNOW You Do It Too

A week back I posted a contest asking folks to post about how they break the rules in their artwork and crafts.  For the original post (and to enter) - clicky click right here.

A few people seem to think they're not qualified to enter.  I think they are dead wrong.  Therefore, I've decided two things today:
  1. I'm expanding the scope of the contest from just art to ALL creative endeavors
    which brings us to:
  2. I'm extending the deadline until Thursday night,
    so be sure to post a comment here or on the original post before I log in on Friday "morning" and you'll be entered to win a set of my new Loteria note cards - oh, and by then, I believe there will be two new additions to the set (angel & devil, of course!).  The winner will receive 6 cards of their choosing to be hand-embellished by yours truly.  Yes, you may mix/match or get 6 of the same design.  If you win, you call the shots.
This scope creep (thank you project management speak) occurred after I read a blog post by Bill Shafer, owner of Hyaena Gallery in Burbank.  A few readers missed the point of the post, thinking he was success-bashing or saying that big-name artists all suck.  On the contrary, Bill's well thought out and eloquent point was simply that, "you shouldn’t like something only because everyone you know likes it. Decide your own tastes [whether or not it's popular]..." (be sure to read the post for yourself too - don't take my word for it).  Which made me realize that my question should also encompass things like "I started a gallery so I could carry art that the mainstream hates, but that I love" or "I homeschool my kids" or "I'm a practicing atheist living in the Bible belt" et cetera

Now that you and I both have a broader view, I will ask again, "HOW DO YOU BREAK THE RULES?"  Even if you don't want the cards (you can pass them on to the next person in 'the hat,') I strongly encourage you to post for the benefit of your fellow creative types.