Sunday, May 24, 2009

DVM-365: A New Beginning

Remember the DaVinci Mode Challenge I wrote about last month? Stacy "The Craft Whore" McQueen started that facebook challenge in April (on Leonardo's birthday) and, out of the 50+/- creatively good-intentioned folks who signed up, a handful and a half of us completed the full 30-day challenge. A few of us even wanted to keep going!

Today, Stacy set up the DaVinci Mode 365 Challenge and restarted our clock-o-creativity. I did have a tiny mental block at starting over at day one again, but when you're looking at the difference between 365 days and 330 or so... Yeah.

Today, I had planned to start work on the class sample for the layering techniques class I'm teaching next month at the Santa Clarita Craft Lab in So. Cal, BUT I walked into my studio this morning to discover that my sweet little dog wasn't feeling so great this morning and left me a "present." Therefore, my new day one was, appropriately, spent rediscovering my studio surfaces (starting with my floor), layer by layer. Tomorrow the work surfaces will get the same clearing/organization/cleaning treatment ("after" photo will be taken at that time).

I didn't take a "before" photo today, but just imagine this with a little stinky pile of dog poo under my chair (and a really sad looking doggy next to it).

(clicky click for amusing notes)

I'll do my best to post here every few days at least. Wish me well!