Monday, July 28, 2008

Golden Child: Chris Cozen

Yesterday, the mixed media artists group to which I (and La Snatchita) belong, met, as we do once a month. Our meeting was almost canceled when a family emergency took our scheduled presenter out of town. However, yesterday fortune managed a smile for our group and we were treated to a presentation by Pasadena-based Golden Working Artist, Chris Cozen. I'm not sure whether to stalk her or give her permanent stink-eye for it, but I'm now wanting one of EVERY product created by Golden, of which there are MANY new ones!

Chris's short, but densely informative presentation solved the "paint mud" problem I've been having, while opening numerous doors of mixed-media possibilities. Most of us spent the lecture trying to keep our chins off the floor or wiping away art-supply-coveting drool. I'm glad I came home with her book, Altered Surfaces...., and have been reading and re-reading it since yesterday. If you're a crafter or mixed-media artist without a chemistry or art education background and don't have this yet, you MUST get it.

She is in the process of writing a new book I plan to be in line to pre-purchase on transfer techniques, a particular love and interest (obsession?) of mine. Unfortunately, we must all wait until early 2009 before we can start thumbing through our own copies. Rest assured, I will be giving it a review.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to seeing a presentation on Golden's Mix More Media line - I have the kit, albeit unopened, sitting like a shrine to printed possibilities in the center of my studio. I have made a solemn oath not to open it or read up on the possibilities until I catch up on all of my backorders, swaps and get the Skelekitty copyright and licensing stuff in order (dang).

Anyway, as you probably expected, there is a new blog on Skelekitty's list: