Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Grand Reopening Shenanigans and Giveaway Extravaganza Event Is A-Comin'!

If this is the first you're hearing of the Shenanigans, you might want to start with this post.

First, THE SHENANIGANS START ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 4TH!  What does that mean?  That means that the completely new will be open for business (you can have a sneak peek at the non-shopping stuff now) AND the giveaways will begin!  If you want to make sure you don't miss out, keep your eye on this blog or check my Facebook fan page.  I'll also be tweeting, posting on Tumblr and also on Google+, but this is your home base.

The Giveaway Philosophy:  I wanted to do something a little different than the usual giveaways.  While the point of the Grand Reopening Shenanigans Extravaganza Event is definitely my way of calling attention to the new online shop (replacing Etsy/ArtFire), I wanted to do more than just that, so I put my thinking cap on and blazed some new collaborative ground (am now "in cahoots with") with some artisans I really think you will like, but may not know about.  Each item is something completely different from stuff you see me do, except that there's a definite, and very rich, vein of geekery running through the prizes because, ... I know I don't have to elaborate on that.

The Goodies:  In no particular order, you can expect to see some pretty fantastic stuff from indie creatives and artist, such as:

  • Music from Sacramento-based geek-pop band The Kimberly Trip, (who will be touring the Pacific Northwest and environs this spring!)  I love these guys - their songs are both silly and very well executed, and if you ever have a chance to see them live, do not pass it up.  Their cover of Berlin's Metro will melt your face and the "Jack The Monkey" finale is worth the price of admission alone.
  • A collection of geekishly inspired eyeshadow colors from Wisconsin's Madd Style Cosmetics.  I've been friends and creative team members with the owner Mo since this company was just an idea.  The bright colors with tongue-in-cheek and nerdy names belie the amount of work and health and safety due diligence that this one-woman show puts into her company.
  • Issues of La Brujería comic (with color by James Sinclair) from Portland, OR based Geek In The City Comics.  Writer Aaron Duran is also one of the voices behind the Geek In The City weekly podcast which, since I discovered them through his equally nerdy and creative wife Jenn Alvin (who also does the lettering for the comic), has kept me in no short supply of giggle-snorts.  Aaron and I have also cooked up a little extra tidbit for this giveaway.  You comic fans will LOVE it, I promise.
  • A hand-crafted ceramic pie bird ... wait, that's not quite right.  A hand-crafted ceramic ZOMBIE PIE BIRD (complete with x's for eyes) by the twisted and adorable Potsdam NY artist, Sara Lynch.

    wow.  that's a lot.
  • A guaranteed-geeky ruggle by Kenzie at Bewhiskered just outside of Atlanta, GA.  What's a "ruggle?" It's not a pillow, it's not a blanket, it's not a rug, and it's not a stuffed animal.  It's ALL OF THOSE THINGS.  I've been enamored of these for a few years now and keep wondering how I can have one for myself and keep the dog and cats away from it.  Maybe I need four of them.  All dragons.  If I go missing, I suggest looking in the back of my closet under the mythical beastie ruggles.  Or, you know, don't.  
  • Some of you know that when I'm not painting or playing with my dog, I like to drive my little sports car.  Fast.  Around a racetrack.  For those of you who are also gear-heads, I'm happy to say that Eurosunday is donating an 11x17 2013 calendar featuring some pretty darned cool cars next to some equally cool airplanes.  And no, my car isn't in there, but you can admire it here (mine is the red one).  
  • Chicago-based Brooke Van Gory Designs has committed to "something awesome," which, let's face it, could be anything she makes. I mean, have you SEEN her stuff?  I'll be it'll be a little on the 'extra-awesome' side though.  And yes, you may quote me on that.
  • There may even be a few other items added as we go.  The artisans and DIY community are getting pretty wound up about this!  Yippee skippee!  
Don't let your eyes glaze over just yet though, because to EACH of these giveaways, I will be adding something from Krissi's Art Studio!  It might be a coupon code for everyone, or it might be a pendant added as part of the prize pack.  What will I be giving away?  That's just it, we don't know!

The Boring, Yet Critical, Details:  The giveaways will be done sequentially, not concurrently.  That means I'll be doing one giveaway at a time, so the Shenanigans Extravaganza will be going on for well over a week!  You'll need to pay close attention to find out when your prize pack comes up in the rotation and then read the rules of each contest carefully before entering.  Invalid entries will be disqualified.  Don't worry though, I will spell out the rules and requirements clearly for each and every giveaway.  We WANT you to win!

Please, for your part, share the links, spread the word, tell your friends, etc., because that's how we thank the wonderful artists who donated their work.  Then check back on Thursday night and Friday for more information!  

And now, I'd better go make sure that shop is going to be ready for Friday.  JUSTIN!!! FRESH POTS!

Love, Krissi & Skelekitty