Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Grand Reopening Giveaway #3: Starry Madd-ness

Welcome to the 2013 Grand Reopening Shenanigans Giveaway Extravaganza Event, Part III!  As you must certainly know by now, I am celebrating the relaunch of my online shop (now with a proper shop host and my very own URL), by giving away awesome stuff from some friends of mine (along with some of my own stuff, too).  Want to see what we've given away already?  Look at Giveaway #1 with Brooke Van Gory and Giveaway #2 with Geek In The City Comics, and don't miss out on the 'consolation' sales I run following each giveaway!

Giveaway #3 is now CLOSED - scroll down to see who won!

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Once again, as a sort of consolation, the Krissi's Art Studio prize from this giveway is going on sale with a HUGE discount.  Every item featuring A Brand New Sky is on sale - that means you can get prints or made-to-order pendants for over 35% off.  As usual, no coupon is needed and the sale is active through the end of the next giveaway, which will be announced on my blog tonight.

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The SOLD OUT Limited Edition Stardust Collection
by Madd Style Cosmetics, featuring five black pigments
with color shifting glitter


One-inch art pendant of my painting "Brand New Sky"
featuring a girl hanging stars in a night sky

Madd Style Cosmetics Stardust Collection:  Very few of my fans will be new to Madd Style, since the owner, Mo Love, is a friend of mine and fellow founding member of the Corporate Rejects.  I have been a customer of Mo's from Day 1 of MSC, and I love what this woman does.  Much of which is inspired by all things nerdy (be sure to go and look at her collection of Doctor Who inspired matte pigments).  Her limited edition Stardust Collection (now sold out!) was inspired by Neil Gaiman's novel, Stardust.  The collection includes five black-based pigments with different glitters that change colors depending on how the light hits them: 
  • TRAVEL BY CANDLELIGHT has sparkles shift from gold to green to blue
  • STORMHOLD RUBY has sparkles that shift from red to orange to yellow
  • TO CATCH A FALLING STAR has sparkles that shift from blue to red to cyan
  • ACROSS THE WALL has sparkles that shift from blue to purple to red
  • GAVE HER HEART AWAY has sparkles that shift from indigo to purple to red
 The color-morphing glitter really has to be seen to be believed.  Luckily, she created a video so we can all see video-footage of these shadows in action.  

Everything Mo makes for MSC is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made with love.  This collection is even safe for use on the lips!  Mo never uses icky stuff like talk, bismuth, harmful fillers or animal by-products in her creations and she runs a very tight ship when it comes to health and safety.  You will receive a brand new, unopened collection, still enclosed in the original packaging from MSC because we know this stuff is important to you (and to us!).

A Brand New Sky Art Pendant:  I'm adding in one of my 1" handmade glass and resin art pendants to this starry-inspired giveaway.  This pendant features a reproduction of my painting "A Brand New Sky," which was also inspired by something written by another artist, The Foo Fighters' Times Like These,
I am a new day rising
I'm a brand new sky
to hang the stars upon tonight.
I am a little divided
do I stay or run away
and leave it all behind?

And now, an important pause, before you run off and enter.  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH ENTRY CAREFULLY and follow them.   All entries will be verified and validated, and may be disqualified if instructions are disregarded.  It's only fair that everyone plays by the same rules.

The entry period for Giveaway No. 3 begins at 9AM (PST) on Thursday, January 10th and ends at NOON PST on Friday, January 11th. THE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM from all verified entries, and will be announced within 24 hours of the close of the entry period and notified by e-mail.  If no response (with mailing address) is received within 72 hours of notification, another winner will be chosen.  

PRIVACY NOTICE: I will never use information from giveaway entries for my business (i.e., I won't copy your email and add you to a mailing list). Your contact information will only be used for winner notification and related communication, and I will not share your contact information with anyone (exception: if a prize is sent directly from a giveaway sponsor, I will put them in contact with you).

Got it?  Excellent.  Off you go.

a Rafflecopter giveawayAn important note, especially for international entrants: The Stardust Collection cannot be replaced. Neither Krissi's Art Studio nor Madd Style Cosmetics will be responsible for replacement of lost or damaged shipments..


  1. new year, new challenges! the best luck

  2. My favorie geeky name for a collection is living the sheen dream.

  3. My favorite geeky name for a collection is living the sheen dam because it makes me giggle.

  4. My favorite (kind of) geeky MSC name is Ecto Cooler. I like it because my brother and I were pretty dorky when we were younger and we used to act out a lot of the scenes from Ghostbusters. Also, when I was in college, we'd make this drink out of Blue Curaco, OJ and some other stuff and we called it Ecto Cooler! :)

  5. My favorite geeky collection name would be the Doctor Who, since I'm a pretty ridiculous fan of the show. Also love the "I think you call me... sexy," cause it's a little subtle. And the color is amazing.

  6. My all time favorite geeky collection is the Doctor Who inspired mattes! Although I love all of them and their references - I think my favorite is 'Bowties are cool' because I can't help but smile when I hear/read the phrase hehe

  7. At first I was going to say the Doctor Who mattes, because, Doctor Who. Then I saw the Twisted Wonderland collection, and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Pool of Tears.

  8. My favorite geeky collection name is Sally. Now, I know that Sally is technically not from a "geek collection" but.... I am the anti-geek. I can't help it. And while I watch you and Mozie "geek out" over stuff that is weird and totally stuff I don't comprehend, I can honestly say that I sometimes feel the same way about Tim Burton and NMBC. I love the color Sally not only because it is hands-down the most amazing pigment anyone has ever created in this history of makeup, but also because the character Sally is pretty much amazing. She is also a seamstress, which is a +100 is the awesome count.

  9. As a Whovian, of course I love the Doctor Who collection. But I also love, love, love the Coffee House collection. Especially Fresh Pots! Such a pretty colour that will work well with many different accent shades! And who doesn't love a fresh pot of coffee?! :D

  10. The Doctor Who collection!! I've been watching Dr Who since the 70's and am in love with them all!

  11. Twisted Wonderland is amazing!! Pool of Tears is my hands down favorite!!

  12. My favorite Geeky collection is the Dr Who mattes, and right now my favorite color that I own is Pandorica!! Its my favorite because well, its a GREEN and I'm a total whore for greens!! ;-)

  13. My all-time favorite geeky name for an MSC pigment is Bone Daddy Dust from the Nightmare Before Christmas XMAS collection! The name is perfect, as the color is like crushed up bones, and since everyone knows that some of us are made of glitter, which is why I like it.

  14. I had a really good time playing on the Madd Style Cosmetics site. Reading all the names, I must say I really like "girl with the most cake." But, I understand that that was not the assignment. So, my favorite geeky name is "bow ties are cool" because Dr. Who inspired my 17 year old son to watch youtube videos to learn to tie one. I think that's so fun!

  15. My favorite geeky name for a msc pigment is Unicorns and Glitter, if only because it reminnds me of Pink Fluffy Unicons Dancing On Rainbows (which would also make a great shadow colour).