Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Skelekitty.com Grand Opening GIVEAWAY #5: Stupendous Sea Creatures

GIVEAWAY #5 IS CLOSED.  Scroll down to see who won!

More giveaways are coming soon!

Welcome to the 2013 Skelekitty.com Grand Reopening Shenanigans Giveaway Extravaganza Event, Part V!  Along with the help from some talented friends, I am celebrating the relaunch of my online shop (now with a proper shop host and my very own URL), by giving away awesome stuff.  Want to see what we've given away already?  You can view the previous giveaways:
Didn't win yet?  It's OK!  There are still plenty more giveaways to come as well as some seriously sweet 'consolation' sales following each giveaway.  As a matter of fact...

The 'consolation sale' for Giveaway #4 includes every item featuring POISON, Time Flies and Always Time for LoveThat means you can get prints for $10 or pendants starting at $15 (with a few extra special goodies in there too).  As usual, no coupon is needed and the sale is active through 9am, Friday morning, January 18th.

The entry period for Giveaway No. 5 begins at 6pm (PST) on Tuesday, January 15 and ends at 9pm PST on Thursday, January 17.

A tartan "Nessie" Ruggle by Bewhiskered!
It's a stuffed animal.  It's a security blanket.  It's just plain awesome!
"Something's Fishy" Mermaid and fish in love
1" glass art pendant from Krissi's Art Studio
Kenzie Jardina, creator of the Ruggle security blanket and Bewhiskered blankets has been a fixture in the DIY scene for some time.  She started making Ruggles when she had her first son, several years back - she initially wanted a baby rug with personality, but then wanted something a little more portable and toddler friendly as he started to grow up.  The very first Ruggle (a tiger) was born!  Even though I don't have kids of my own, I've known about Bewhiskered through the DIY community (we're a tight-knit bunch) and through my friends who do have kids.  Recently though, I started thinking about getting a Ruggle for myself (realizing, of course, that either the cats or my Jack Russell Terrier, Abby, would ultimately take possession of it).  Did you, my geeky commrades, know that she makes a line of Ruggles that are strictly mythical creatures?  In today's world, we all need a little extra feeling of security, wouldn't you say? 

The "Nessie" Ruggle is made of a high quality, super soft wool tartan (Watson Clan) with a super soft slate gray fleece belly.  Her navy blue eyes are appliqued on and are also fleece.  Her body contains quilt batting and her head is stuffed with fiberfill and can be used as a small pillow (or as a full pillow for a small head).  She measures approximately 17" across and is 35" from the tip of her snout to the end of her tail.
To round out the Stupendous Sea Creatures giveaway, I'm including a handmade glass and resin 1" pendant with my mermaid and fish image, "Something's Fishy" to ride along with Nessie on the way to your home.
The entry period for Giveaway No. 5 begins at 6pm (PST) on Tuesday, January 15 and ends at 9pm PST on Thursday, January 17. THE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM from all valid entries, and will be announced within 24 hours of the close of the entry period and notified by e-mail. Prizes will be mailed within 7 days after shipping information is received via USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation.

The common sense stuff: tweets and shares *must* be publicly viewable to be considered valid; all entries, shares and comments must follow instructions provided; entries which cannot be verified or which have not gone through the Rafflecopter widget will not be considered valid; exceptions are not made for people using mobile devices; if mailing address is not received from a winner within 72 hours of notification, another winner will be chosen.  

PRIVACY NOTICE: I will never use information from giveaway entries for my business (i.e., I won't copy your email and add you to a mailing list). Your contact information will only be used for winner notification and related communication, and I will not share your contact information with anyone (exception: if a prize is sent directly from a giveaway sponsor, I will put them in contact with you).


Got it all?  Off you go, then.

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