Sunday, January 6, 2013

Giveaway #2: Skelekitty, La Brujeria and La Llorona

Welcome to the 2013 Grand Reopening Shenanigans Giveaway Extravaganza Event, Part II!  As you must certainly know by now, I am celebrating the relaunch of my online shop (now with a proper shop host and my very own URL), by giving away awesome stuff by some friends of mine (along with some of my own stuff, too).


JANUARY 9TH!  As a consolation of sorts to those who didn't win, my La Llorona 8x10" print is on sale (only $10!) through the close of Giveaway #3, which will be announced later today.

So here's the Prize Pack of Extra Awesomeness #2:
Yeah, I know this meme has been done to death.  It still cracks me up.
So sue me.
This prize pack comes to you from the twisted and VERY geeky mind of Mr. Aaron Duran of Portland, Oregon.  Aaron is the creator of La Brujería, published by Geek In The City Comics, and which is described as "a supernatural comedy that mixes Mexican and Latin American folklore with European fairy tales around the strangest pawn shop the world has ever seen."  Why, just last week, this comic was featured on where Issue 3 has cracked The Top 100 for download purchases!
"Read the comic that readers claim 'Mashes up Artemis Fowl, The Middleman, and Ghostbusters. Throw in an angry Irish werewolf, a midget Chupacabra and a 20-something woman just looking for a job (other than serving drinks in a strip club) and you've got one of the most fun, refreshing indy comics I've read in the past ten years!'"
Aaron is offering the winner of this giveaway digital downloads of the first three issues, and (and mind you, this is the good part) a guest appearance, including grisly death, the manner and form of which is to be determined, in a future issue (#4 is already being drawn, but I've heard there is going to be "lots of killing" in issues 5 through 7!).  Dude.  Seriously.  How cool is that?  As part two of this prize pack, I am upping the ante with an 8x10" print of my La Llorona painting.
"La Llorona" 8x10 print by me (Krissi Sandvik.  duh.)
I'd like tell you the true value of this prize pack, but how can you put a price on a personalized grisly death in a comic?  I know I can't.  It's somewhere between $20.00 and priceless.

There are plenty of ways to enter (including a Batman question - because Aaron Duran might just be The Bat). Off you go, then!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The entry period for Giveaway No. 2 begins at 9AM (PST) on Monday, January 7th and ends at 9am PST on Wednesday, January 9th.  THE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM from all verified entries, and will be announced within 48 hours of the close of the entry period and notified by e-mail.  If no response (with mailing address) is received within 72 hours of notification, another winner will be chosen.

Before you enter, you will want to take a moment to read the "fine print," and then be sure to follow the guidelines.  Read the instructions for comments and questions carefully, since all entries will be verified.  

We'll have more to give away later, though!  Lots more!  This, as they say, is only the beginning.


    1. "My favorite Batman of all time was played by "
      Micheal Keaton. He was the perfect blend of weird yet charismatic and he to me he had the perfect Batman voice.

    2. My favorite Batman of all time was played by Michael Keaton. I was really little when it came out, so it was my first Batman movie and it was because of his movie that I got excited about Batman. Because I thought he was good and he was my first, when I think of a live action Batman movie, he is the first Batman I think of.

    3. It's hard to pick my favorite Batman of all time because the entire tone of the movies is different with each one, the actors/directors all offer different things.

      I really love the Tim Burton films and Michael Keaton. Those movies had a quirkiness and just something about them combining weird humor, with batman, and an awesome cast! Keaton did a great job for that role.

      Christian Bale is a great actor, as well, and the Batman he plays is a more dark and twisty version, and I really love Christopher Nolan's direction with those films too.

      So two different actors and directors with completely different kinds of Batman movies. I'm a big fan of both of these.

    4. Oh voice actors? Kevin Conroy! Since I spent loads of afternoons watching the animated Batman Series haha. I loved it!

    5. My favorite Batman of all time was played by Adam West. I loved all that stuff from back in the day with the comic "pow" and"blam"!!!

    6. "My favorite Batman of all time was played by "
      Kevin Conroy. All other answers are stupid.

    7. For the record, calling names is not exactly the kind of geeky camaraderie I was hoping to see from my people.