Thursday, December 24, 2009

Is It Competition or A Future "Intern?"

You may recall some posts Skelekitty and I wrote earlier this year about my neighbors' daughter, Santana, who hand-sculpted me a pink haired kitty and dressed as Skelekitty for Halloween this past year.  She's a cool kid for sure, who loves animals and is a bit of a bookworm (sound familiar?).

She has done it again and, of course, I had to blog about it.  Santana and her brother Grant just came by to give me this little treasure (mostly Grant played with Abby and laughed when Santana and I rolled our collective eyes seeing he wasn't wearing shoes)!

Skelekitty Santa by Santana P.

The mini-tote was hand-decorated with a great deal of glittery goodness (and a kitty, of course). The Skelekitty figurine was hand-sculpted AND hand-painted by Santana herself and, if I do say so, I'm not entirely sure I could have done any better myself!
Skelekitty Santa by Santana P.

Skelekitty Santa by Santana P.

I wonder how her Mom would feel about her daughter going into indentured servitude ... *cough* err, I mean "an internship" making Skelekitty figurines? LOL.

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  1. That figurine is priceless. How awesome. What a wonderful gift! You have great neighbors. :D