Thursday, December 17, 2009

FINALLY I Can Talk About This!

I'm sure it will shock each and every one of you to the core when I say that I have a difficult time with keeping information to myself.  I know, you're thinking, "but Krissi, you are so quiet and shy!"  Go figure.

Anyway, I've been working on a commission that I couldn't post updates on since the person it was being commissioned for is on all the same networking sites that I am.  Well, he opened his Chanukkah present (the aforementioned commissioned painting) today and NOW I can spill the (Kosher) beans!

Final portrait of Samson Mordechai Wisenheid
This young man is Samson Mordechai Wezenheid, an applehead teacup Chihuahua belonging to San Franciscans, artist Mim Weisburd and her 'hubbear' Michel Chagall.  Michel describes himself as "married, queer, eco-kosher Jew, San Franciscan, dog lover, baker of challah who works with developmentally disabled adults (no relation to Marc Chagall)."   Thanks so much to one of my favorite people, Mim, for commissioning a piece from me and to Michel for just being yourself and giving me such great material to work with!

Samson admires his portrait
I think Samson approves!

As always, you can visit Flickr to see photos of this work in progress.

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