Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Have Been Warned

In all seriousness, I'm "feeling" this sign lately since I've been suffering from self-imposed exile in my studio while I work furiously to finish some commissions I took for the holidays. I reiterate that the exile (and subsequent absence of a real blog post) is self-imposed as I try to bring in as much cash as possible to build up the "Skelekitty Tee Shirt Startup Fund" we're working on over here. Yes, I know you all want a tee shirt! I'm painting as fast as I can (now go buy some prints while they're on sale 2fer one).

In other news, Abby has fallen prey to some mysterious toe malady and is going under the knife tomorrow morning. Hopefully, it's just something jammed in there next to her little doggie toenail which hasn't responded to antibiotics and hot epsom salt soaks. If not... well, I understand that even Jack Russells can live full and speedy lives with three toes on one of their front feet. Meanwhile, she's in good spirits and the funkiness that has afflicted said toe is in a place where it hasn't impeded her running any (dog park patrons beware).   I'll keep you all updated as we discover more.

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