Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hand Painted Sacred Hearts are BACK!

Hi everyone!  I went looking through a supply shelf the other day and found several of these awesome 10" high Hydrostone sacred hearts, so they're officially available in the online shop again!

Cesco's Muertos since 2009. Cesco pours each Hydrostone heart, using his own handmade molds (created from his original sculpture, of course!). Hydrostone is a mix of cement and plaster, so it is much stronger and harder than plain casting plaster.

I have several of these hearts in stock now, and if you order your custom heart by Monday, November 4th, I can even finish it in time for Christmas delivery.
Any color scheme is available - you think it up, and I'll paint it.
click photo for link
Thanks to everyone for your continued support!  If there are other items you'd like to see return to the shop, please let me know.

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