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Fall/Winter 2013 Holiday Sales and Custom Order Deadlines

Howdy all!

It's Autumn, and that means it's time for everyone I know in the art/DIY world to switch out of Con Mode and into Holiday Mode.  Yes, it seems early for Christmas, but every November I have to turn frantic last-minute customers away, which makes me very sad.  It's not that I don't WANT to create a custom gift for you, it's that my technique takes time (especially in cold, damp weather).  Add to that the fact that there are about 10 others begging me to "just do one" for them, and you see the problem.

Scroll down for Thanksgiving sale info and holiday order deadlines.  In the meantime, I'm trying to entice you all into ordering a little earlier this year; therefore, I offer you an early bird sale.


I am giving an unheard of 15% discount to folks who order custom paintings/boxes early!  Now through September 30, all custom work is 15% off.  These items will not be on sale over Thanksgiving weekend (which is past the custom order deadlines listed below anyway), so don't wait!
[see details and limitations at bottom of this post]


These dates may be changed as my schedule fills up.  The more orders I have, the earlier the deadlines become.  Those who order first will receive first priority.
[see details and limitations at bottom of this post]

some trinket box sizes and design ideas
top row: Large (TARDIS design), X Large (Celtic dragon knot design)
middle row: Medium (monarch skullerfly), Small (monarch butterfly), Mini (Celtic tree knot)
bottom row: Small (20 sided die), ring box (unpainted - shown for size comparison)
October 28 (Monday) - last day for US orders on custom acrylic on wood paintings and all sizes of custom boxes with original designs and custom mixed-media on canvas panel pieces.

November 4 (Monday) - last day for orders (US) on small art and boxes with duplicate designs (i.e., remaking an existing design like painted sacred heart sculptures the TARDIS or boxes in the "Gallery" section of my shop.  Includes duplicates of hand-painted wooden bangle bracelets).

Glass & resin jewelry sizes and shapes
I have over 100 images to choose from 
December 3 (Tuesday) - last day for US orders of made-to-order glass & resin jewelry

December 17 (Tuesday) - last day for US orders of prints and ready-to-ship items (art, boxes & jewelry).  Priority Mail option is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED after December 10 for on-time delivery within US


As T-Day sale details are refined, I will be updating information on this post, as well as on my social media pages and  In the meantime, here's what I have decided:
  • The sale will last for 4-days over the Thanksgiving weekend (Friday - Monday night) 
  • All ready-to-ship paintings, jewelry, trinket boxes and prints will be on sale.  (Custom items will NOT be on sale, and the "add to cart" button will be deactivated on custom items during the sale, to prevent people from ordering customs erroneously.)
  • Coupon codes will be provided for the sale and cannot be combined.
  • I am happy to combine shipping on separate orders placed over the weekend, and will automatically refund extra shipping charges.
Since custom art and boxes will not be on sale, I strongly recommend that you get your custom order in now.  Just take advantage of the early bird sale, why don't ya?

One more VERY important note

Please check your browser's compatibility with my shop,

Over 95% of my customers fly through the shopping process with no problems, but occasionally someone has an issue.  Why? The system on which runs, (Goodsie.comno longer supports some older browsers including, but not limited to Safari 4 and Internet Explorer 8.  Updating your browser or switching to a different browser altogether may resolve your issues.

Have you updated Internet Explorer but are still seeing a blank page?
Look for the blue compatibility issues icon and click on it.  
If you are using the current browser version (Chrome and Firefox are recommended), but continue to have problems, please contact me with your OS/browser/version and details and I'll forward the information to Goodsie.

I am happy to send PayPal invoices, however, please note that absolutely no invoices will be sent during the Thanksgiving weekend sale.

Please don't wait for the order deadline or Thanksgiving sale only to determine that your firewall or browser version/settings block my site. Seriously.  Please don't wait for Thanksgiving, since I'll be out of town with no internet connection. You'll miss out on the sales, and we will both be sad.

*     *     *     *      *     *     *     *     *     *

And now, the fine print:

  • NOTE: additional coupon codes ARE NOT APPLICABLE to the early bird sale (I cannot disable coupons for these items, but will not honor additional discounts on this sale.  Please don't waste your coupon codes on these items - orders using coupon codes on Early Bird custom sale items will be cancelled and the coupon code invalidated.)
  • * order = payment and all requirements. Your order must be completed, including work requirements, by September 30th to qualify for sale.  Paid orders without requirements will be refunded on October 1.
  • ** all listings will automatically include this discount (you don't even have to ask)
  • *** custom work = all custom and made to order paintings (acrylic on wood and pastel on canvas panel), wooden bangle bracelets and trinket boxes (all designs), if I have to paint it before I send it to you, it's "custom"; does not include glass & resin jewelry.

  • These deadlines are for Christmas delivery in the US 
  • International customers are responsible for determining shipping times to their country from California.  I do not set deadlines for international shipping as each country's customs procedures are different.
  • For delivery by Hannukah, add one month to the dates listed (e.g. September 14 is the deadline for custom work desired by November 27).
  • coupon codes may not be combined or used on any custom paintings or trinket boxes
  • coupon codes may be used for made-to-order jewelry, though!)
  • absolutely no PayPal invoices will be sent for Thanksgiving weekend sale items; all purchases must go through (please update or change your browser well in advance of the sale).

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