Monday, March 25, 2013

Prints of the Week: Butterflies On The Brain

Maybe I was inspired to make these prints the "Prints of the Week" because we saw a Monarch butterfly while walking the dog this weekend.  Maybe it's because The Venture Bros. is finally coming back with Season 5.  Honestly, who's to say?  Either way, you can have 8x10s of either Soul Searching or Spirits' Journey for half off this week (a limited number of 11x14s are also available and also on sale).

Soul Searching (top) and Spirits' Journey (bottom)
Here's the scoop on my weekly print sale:
  • Sale is from Monday to following Monday, I usually switch them up around lunchtime (or some time that afternoon)
  • You don't need a coupon code, Prints of the Week are automatically marked down
  • 50% off 8x10" prints (only $7.25!) and more than 30% off 11x14" prints 
  • No limit - get as many as you like
  • I'll decide which prints go up, BUT I will make that decision based on fan/client input
  • Images will not be POTW more than once in a 6 month period, so snap up your favorite when it comes around
  • You can find the POTW by clicking on the Print of the Week link from my site (or click the OMG, on sale! link to see everything that's been marked down).
  • Occasionally, like this week, I'll put a pair of prints on sale.  When I do, you can get just one or both if you like.

Check back next Monday (just click on the "Print of the Week" link in my shop) to see which print will be on sale.  I will switch them up around lunchtime here in California.

And of course, let me know which image you would like to see as Print Of The Week! 

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