Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Geekery Renewed! Venture Bros. and Doctor Who Return

The most recent Doctor Who mid-season hiatus, while nowhere NEAR as long and tortuous as the two and a half year break between Seasons 4 and the "bright and mother f#@&ing cheery" Season 5 of The Venture Bros., is still as keenly felt for those of us who breathe geekery like it was air. 'Cause it kinda is.
One of a kind
Adipose Industries pill-shaped box

With Season 7.5 of Doctor Who premiering at the end of the month, we can begin to sate ourselves with  more of the Doctor's new mysterious companion, freak out at some new and returning creatures, ooh and ahh at more writing from Neil Gaiman, and thrill at an appearance from the amazing Dame Diana Rigg!

HELPeR pendant (Tijuana Makeover)
I'm not entirely sure what to expect with Season 5 of The Venture Bros (which airs at midnight on May 19th), but between the preview video and some screen caps on Jackson Publick's blog, I understand we'll see the boys continuing to grow up, a giant crustacean, more of Shallow Gravy (the band), a pterodactyl, a skinny-dipping Doc, and The Monarch in various costumes (including his jim-jams).

Because I'm a dork and new seasons of these particular shows excite me even more than the longer days and warmth of Spring, I'm celebrating with a sale of all things Doctor Who and Venture Bros!  Yep.  All of my DW and VB fan art is officially marked down by 25% through March 30th.  You don't even need a coupon code - it's all done for you.  (There are other goodies on sale too, so if you want to see everything in one place, clicky click right here.)

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Now is the time to buy an art print of The Fat Just Walks Away, a pendant of the Grand Galactic Inquisitor or a WALKING EYE!, or even some Weeping Angels magnets.

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Is there an image you're curious about?  Drop me a line and ask me to talk about it in a future Behind the Scenes and Inspiration post.

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