Monday, March 11, 2013

California Golden Poppies - Print of the Week

It's time for the new Print of the Week (POTW) where I choose an image and put the print on sale big time.

This week's POTW is the Golden Poppies from my Art Nouveau/Arts & Crafts Flowers series.  The 8x10s" are marked down 50%, from $14.49 to only $7.25.  The 11x14" sizes are available for $14.25 (regularly $21.49).
Bright orange "Golden Poppies" pop off of a turquoise background layered with dragonflies and gears. This piece is the first in a series of four paintings inspired by the Art Nouveau / Arts & Crafts movement at the turn of the 20th Century and intertwines organic elements with images of industrialization.

For those of you new to POTW, I got the idea from the indie makeup companies that offer a different one of their colors at a discounted price each week or month (Color of the Week/Month).  The idea is that every week, a different one of my prints will be massively on sale.  Here's how I see it working out:
  • Sale is from Monday at lunchtime to following Monday at lunchtime
  • No coupon needed, it's marked down already
  • 50% off 8x10" prints and more than 30% off 11x14" prints 
  • No limit - get as many as you like
  • I'll decide which prints go up, BUT I will make that decision based on fan/client input
  • Images will not be POTW more than once in a 6 month period, so snap up your favorite when it comes around
  • You can find the POTW by clicking on the Print of the Week link from my site (or click the SALE link to see everything that's been marked down).
  • Occasionally, I'll put a pair of prints on sale (because I'm nuts)

Check back next Monday (just click on the "Print of the Week" link in my shop) to see which print will be on sale.  I will switch them up around lunchtime here in California.

And of course, let me know which image you would like to see as Print Of The Week! 

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