Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Magnetic Personality (nyuck nyuck nyuck)

For a while now, some folks have been telling me that they love the glass tile pendants, earrings and rings with mini-prints of my art, but that they just don't wear jewelry.  I totally get it.  That's why I've made magnets and key chains just for the folks who prefer to walk around unadorned.


Yep.  Magnets!  After years of begging from fans, I started making sets out of the obvious collections: the sugar silly skullies and my take on the Weeping Angels.  So far, the sugar silly skullies have been the runaway hit.  No surprise there - look at those cute and colorful faces!
The 1" glass tile magnets of all five sugar silly skullies have quite a fan base!
These magnets are made with the same one-inch square glass tiles, silicon-based glue, sealant and techniques as my jewelry, except that I don't seal the back sides with resin.  Since these will be sitting quietly on your fridge or magnetic white board, they don't need protection from cosmetics, perspiration and the perils of daily life (one customer's toddler dragged the garden hose into the living room and squirted her while she was wearing a pendant - you just never know what might happen).

 Since I know not all my customers are Doctor Who fans or dig sugar skulls as much as I do, so I also offer create-your-own sets of magnets.
choose one of these sets or pick your five favorite images
(click photo to enlarge)
choose one of these sets or pick your six favorite images
(click photo to enlarge)
Just decide whether you want a set of 5 or 6 magnets, then tell me which images you want (or you can choose one of the sample sets I've put together).
If you are paying with a credit card instead of PayPal, simply send me a note using the
Contact link in my shop, reference your order and leave the image choices in your note.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

In addition to the magnets, I've added a key chain option to the 1" tiles.  This option is only available on the small tiles, which are sturdier and more likely to stand up to the abuse a key chain or backpack zipper pull will encounter on a daily basis.  

Ordering a key chain is easy.  Just 1) find the listing for the image you want (they're alphabetical by title or you can use the search box at the bottom of the nav bar), 2) choose the 1x1" size (ready-to-ship, if it's available, is always $2 less!), then 3) check the box for "key chain option."That's it!

If I have posted a new image that isn't in the shop as a pendant yet, you can use the customized key chain listing and request the image you like.  

So there you have it.  Magnets and key chains.  Apparently, if you bug me for long enough about offering certain options, I'll actually do it.  So, you know, thanks for the continuous nudging, folks.