Friday, February 22, 2013

NEW ITEMS: Magnets, Key Chains and Earrings

Three items are coming off the "secret menu" and have been added to the Krissi's Art Studio permanent collection of glass tile art "jewelry:" magnetsearrings and key chains.

Magnets:  These little guys are an inexpensive way to collect Krissi's Art Studio/Skelekitty images.  I use the same sturdy glass 1" tiles (the ones in my personal collection have survived many a drop onto my ceramic tile floors), but keep the price down by sealing them with a silicone product instead of the 2-part jewelers resin I use on the jewelry.   You can purchase sets I have put together or choose the images yourself.  Click here to see all magnet sets.
Silly Sugar Skullies magnet set
example of Weeping Angels magnet set
Some ideas if you'd like a customized set of six magnets
custom magnet sets of five are also available

Key chains:  Because some people don't wear jewelry but still want a piece of art to carry with them every day, I do offer my 1" glass tile and resin pendant pieces as key chains.  The tiles are created and sealed with 2-part jewelry grade resin, just like my pendants are, but instead of a pendant bail and chain, you receive a low-profile bail with an attached spring-clasp key chain.  The spring latch key chains are nickel plated and measure approximately 1" wide by 2.25" long (including loop and snake style chain, a little over 3" with 1" tile).
Coupling Failed with key chain and low-profile bail
option may be added from pendant listings by choosing
"key chain" option instead of sterling-plated ball chain

Any 1" pendant can be made into a key chain (2" glass tiles are heavier and less sturdy, and are therefore not recommended for key chains).  There are two ways to order: either go to the "customized  key chain" listing and choose your desired image, or go to the pendant listing for the image you like and choose the "key chain option" at the bottom (the second way seems less intuitive, but can save you a few bucks if a 1" pendant tile is ready to ship - if you order through the custom listing, a new tile will be made for you).

Owloween Night 1" glass/resin tile with low-profile bail
and key chain option.  Choose your own image for a key chain here.
Earrings:  YES!  Earrings are now available to go with your pendants or to be worn on their own.  They're tiny -just 5/8" of an inch- simple images turn out the best.  I welcome mix & match sets (like Skelekitty angel/devil or the pair of crazy-eyed owls).  I lived through the 80s - I won't judge if your earrings aren't matchy-matchy.  See all earring listings here.
You can have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.
Rainbow Silly Skully earrings
One of the cool things I've been doing with earrings is taking a detail from a painting -say a fish from the mermaid painting Something's Fishy- and making it a focal point for an earring/pendant set.  Of course, if you just wanted the little fish earrings, I'd be OK with that too.
Something's Fishy pendant with the fish detail on earrings
pendant / earrings also available separately
If you decide you do want a matched set, you save a chunk of cash by buying the pendant with your earrings.  Just scroll down and choose the "add a matching pendant" option.  You'll notice the prices for pendants added to earrings are quite a bit less than if you buy them separately.

A lot of these items came about because YOU, my wonderful clients, asked me to make them.  If there's an item you think would be cool, drop me a line and let me know!