Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Name & Maybe A New Look

Hi everyone!  As I'm sure you have all noticed by now, the name Krissi's Stitchery really doesn't really reflect this blog or the medium of my work anymore.  Therefore, the name, along with the old banner, has gone bye bye:
and has been replaced with the name "Krissi's Studio" (tagline yet to be determined).  Skelekitty's blog, "Skelekitty and Friends," may get a little makeover, but the name and content will continue on as-is.

I thought maybe some of you would have opinions (ahem, or rather, "I KNOW"), so this is your chance to vote on possible backgrounds for the blog.

INSTRUCTIONS (not really much):

  1. I am looking for something that captures my artistic style & sense of fun, as well as the spirit of my blog's content.
  2. Remember that text will be covering a good portion of the image
  3. Post your likes, dislikes, suggestions in the comments section, on Flickr, under the facebook post (if you're reading from there) or send me an e-mail.  Whatever form of communication you like is fine with me.

And now, in no particular order (click on images to view details):
1. Image16

2. Image9

3. Image10

4. Image2

5. Image6

6. Image18

7. Image17


9. Image19


11. Image8

12, Image15

13. Image11

14. Image12

I started with a few and then got totally overwhelmed and ran out of steam.  Therefore, if you would like to suggest another (non-Skelekitty) image, please feel free to write your candidate in!