Monday, September 14, 2009

Because I Need More to Do

Those of you who have been following my Flickr photos or blog posts for a year or more are familiar with the "Les Petites Dolls" techniques class I took online with Suzi Blu exactly one year ago.

Just the layering techniques I picked up in that class were worth the cost of the class (and then some). We also learned some drawing techniques from her and for the first time, I drew people. OK, they were VERY stylized ones that looked a LOT like Suzi's (with a wee bit of "Krissi-ness" insinuated):
Something Fishy (SOLD)

Since then, I've taken classes and workshops from several artists and crafters and experimented with some new ideas (some worked, some failed). Having added what I learned there to the info from Les Petites, am thrilled to say that I've been working on developing my own unique and recognizable style.
painting the roses red

FINAL final version of Skele-Lulu painting

It would be SO easy to sit back and keep making the same stuff over and over again, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be fun. In the spirit of my new life-axiom, "Never stop learning or trying to do things that don't come easily," I've signed up for yet another Suzi Blu workshop. This time I am taking her portrait & journaling class, "The Goddess and The Poet." I already kinda want to pull my hair out.

Pretty easy:
graphite values sketch

More difficult:
features study (nose) - graphite
features study (eye) - graphite
features study (mouth) - graphite
face study #1 - more graphite shading

Thinking of throwing the Moleskine sketchbook out of a moving vehicle:
faces study - graphite with colored pencil
WIP - redhead study / class assignment
WIP - redhead journal page /assignment

Why was it that I thought taking a portrait journaling class would be a good idea?

Oh yeah, BECAUSE it wouldn't be easy.

Right. (Brilliant.)