Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don't Say I Haven't Warned You

I mark a lot of my posts with the tag my sick sense of humor in order to forewarn my more 'normal' colleagues (hey, I have a few here and there). Now in all honesty, most of the time the tag could easily be replaced with one like funny or humor, but not in the case of the original post which gave rise to the overly-specific comedy tag, nor in the case of today's.

I've been working on and giggling over a piece called 12 Bad Eggs for the last two days. It's my ode to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - commonly referred to as PCOS or PCOD. It's an annoyance with which I've been living for about a decade, but which resurfaced as an issue earlier this year when I had to choose between having a working digestive system and the meds that were controlling the PCOS. I chose having a tummy that didn't look like swiss cheese and must admit that I'm having much more fun NOT writhing on the floor in pain after every couple of meals.

12 bad eggs - almost finished
ALMOST FINISHED - it just needs the text ("12 Bad Eggs") attached when the paint and gel medium finishes drying.

Detail. My favorite is the one flipping the bird to the fallopian tube:
12 bad eggs - detail
I also have a soft spot for the "alien egg" which is a shout out to Dr. Lisa Capaldini in San Francisco, my favoritest doctor EVER. She was the first to diagnose (jokingly, of course) my collection of auto-immune diseases and other weird-ass disorders as Space Alienism. BTW, despite Lisa's insightful discovery, I don't think the disorder was ever published in JAMA.

I have absolutely NO CLUE if there is anyone out there on this planet who will find this as funny and cathartic as I do, let alone buy it (I think it will be about $70 on Etsy), but I needed to make it just the same.