Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Apologize For This Brief Interruption In Service.... *beeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

Hi everyone!  *cough*  I still have plenty of marketing tidbits for all of... of... *AhhhCHOO!* ...you coming up in the very near future. *sniffle* I promise.

I hope to be back in the full swing of things by the end of this week or early next if the stuff the doctor gave me works on this nasty head-cold-turned-strep-throat thing I've got going. *cough*

Oh, and just ignore Brooke Van Gory if she tells you I have The Plague; I'm fairly certain that I don't.  LOL.

My writing skills may have suffered, but at least I can still paint in between sneezing, coughing, washing my hands and complaining to my husband about how I'm sick.
8x10" owlets in progress
(yeah, they already have a home)