Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something New - Weekly Quick Bitch Picks

Today, I decided I would make a weekly habit of stalking the shops of my fellow Glitter Bitches Handmade members to see what I'm missing when I rely on the ol' Facebook feeds.  Yep, I realized there was a LOT of stuff I hadn't seen and some things that I'd forgotten about, so I decided to pick three items every week and tell my peeps about them.  Since there are only eight members of our team, I'll also include items from our team shop, from shops of current and previous Guest Artisans and from our Affiliate Members.  This is stuff you will want to know about, trust me.

Without any further introduction, here is the first of what I hope will be MANY Krissi's Weekly Quick Bitch Picks:

GLITTER BITCHES MEMBER, Kim Mayhew's "Loco Folko" Dragon
GLITTER BITCHES MEMBER, Wenchkin's Dork Dog Magnet
GLITTER BITCHES MEMBER, ArJay's Fuchsia Skullerfly hair clip
(coming soon to ArtFire!)


  1. really loving the skullerfly clips.

  2. ArJay is awesomeness incarnate. Actually, a few of those bitches are!

  3. LOVE the dragon. Muey Chingon!