Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Haz Art! We Can Haz Show?


Many of you have heard about our friend Kim's battle with cancer and the "Teal Ribbon Fund" set up by my guild/team, Glitter-Bitches Handmade, but some of you have not. For those who haven't...

We established the "Teal Ribbon Fund" (TRF) to help our friend and fellow member Kim Mayhew of Ant Farm Studio (http://antfarmstudio.artfire.com), a full-time working artist. Kim recently underwent surgery for uterine cancer, sans insurance coverage.  She is recovering very well however, the bills continue to roll in. Her doctors have told her that she will not need chemo or radiation treatment, but the battle is far from over. Because Kim has given so much to the art community, we decided to make a few pieces and sell them in our shop to help her out where we can.

The outpouring of help from the handmade/arts community has been amazing - we have received donations of cash and handmade goods for sale from many people - most of whom have never even met Kim. To date, we have raised several hundred dollars toward Kim's $10-$15,000 medical bills, and we have no intention of stopping.

Slow and steady kicks cancer's ass, as they say.

Now I'm approaching gallery owners/curators for help. WE NEED VENUES AND CURATORS!!!! There is a huge community of underground/alternative artists who have art set aside to donate, but we have nowhere to hang this imaginary show and no-one to coordinate the efforts. If you are a gallery owner or curator who might be able to help, please contact me at krissi@glitter-bitches.com with:
  • Gallery name & location
  • Curator contact information
  • Available dates / length of run
  • Gallery percentage 
  • Art requirements (size/shape limitations, hanging requirements, etc.)
If you are an artist, I urge you to forward this information to your gallery contacts and help us obtain a show. Unfortunately, the time requirements of the TRF take up the time our team members would need to research and develop new relationships with galleries. We're looking to YOU to help us do that.

I know there is at least one venue out there. Maybe more. And I know you are the people to reach out to.

Thanks in advance for your help and, even if you can't help, for all the healing thoughts you send Kim's way (those help more than you could ever know).


  1. I don't know that I know any, but I'm going to spread the link about a bit and see if anything shakes loose.

  2. Thanks Slee! We have a line on one show, but we have such a diverse set of artists supporting Kim, that I think we'll need several to cover all the "styles!"