Monday, February 8, 2010

Piratical Pics

I just thought I'd share a pic of the Jolly Jalepeño painting which I received from my pal Jill, proprietress of Swag Arts.  She bought this little baby before I'd even finished painting it last year! It looks like my spicy little skele-pirate painting is loving life in the galley.

the Jolly Jalepeño at home
It's always wonderful to see art get 'just the right' home, isn't it?

So not only is Jill a collector of the piractical, she also creates it!  Check out her lovely handmade adornments for the rogue soul at Swag Arts, like Jack Sparrow costuming pieces, skull jewelery, cell phone tags and pirate swag.  And absolutely do NOT miss her shop section called "Depp Style" featuring pieces often seen adorning the man himself.


Oh and before I forget, YES, prints of the Jolly Jalepeño are available from my ArtFire shop!

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