Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Commissions To The Left of Me, Commissions To The Right...

My workload went from "famine" to "feast" in a matter of days! This bounty of Krissi-fied animal painting requests is thanks in large part to a skeleportrait I did for my friend Hezekiah of his beloved Weimeraner (and personal doggie friend of Abby's), Logan.
Logan the Pirate Dog - FINAL!
Logan as "Pirate Dog"

Logan - 1/16/09
and here is the handsome boy, himself "in the fur," as it were.

A friend of mine from High School, John B. asked if I'd make one of his Chihuahua, Chi Chi.
John B's Chihuahua, "Chi Chi"

I sent him around to look at my other paintings to see what colors, etc. he liked. He ran across the skele-portrait I did earlier this year of Allyson's dog Lulu in "Wanna Go To The River," and asked me to have his little girl popping up over a heart like Lu. Here's the finished portrait of Chi Chi:
Final Chi Chi portrait!
9x12" mixed-media on wood plaque

Chi Chi portrait - detail
Her cute little Chi eyes! I used some black glitter and did a 3D type effect by building up a little gel medium.

Chi Chi portrait - detail
Detail of her collar. I thought I was done when I realized the portrait needed a little corazon milagro charm. After I showed this to John, he sent me this!
The "real" Chi collar
See? I was right that the collar NEEDED a heart!

Chi Chi portrait - detail

Chi Chi portrait - detail

So the last coat of UV protectant / sealer has gone on and as soon as the piece finishes setting up, it's heading to John's house. I'm hoping that when he gets it, he'll send me pictures of it alongside the rest of his collection (hint hint!).

What's really exciting about this, is that (1) I've received a double commission for some Krissified Chihuahuas (with fur - LOL), (2) am trading a double portrait of kitties for a custom painting by the amazing JenX of whom I have been a longtime fan AND (3) I've heard a rumor that a long-time friend may be commissioning a piece I want to do called "Order of the Black Lab inspired by this picture of Lulu.

For all the pet portraits and skele-portraits, or to watch the process as it unfolds, click over to my Flickr account.