Thursday, January 22, 2009

Krissi as...

Today I played the role of the clumsy fat girl I always saw myself as in high school.  Feelin' crampy and icky, I fell off an exercise ball at the gym and banged my knee on the ground.  After icing it for 15 minutes, I went to the river with Allyson, Lulu and Abby just to end up slipping in the mud and landing on my ass.  Dainty and graceful to the last.  At least I was rolling my eyes and not crying.  Geez.

I am now sitting at home with my feet up, more ice on my knee (and the hip that I apparently roughed up on the way to a quick sitting position), some red wine and a puppy lap-warmer.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a bit less injurious to my joints and confidence. 

p.s.  I am also finally about half-way finished with a piece Allyson asked for almost two years ago.  It's of her doggie as a skelepup - photos to follow when I can drag my sore butt up the stairs to the good computer with my sore knee.  Oh, and it's a secret, so don't say anything if you see her (she never goes online, so this is pretty safe).

UPDATE:  OK, so here it is about half finished.  I used some music notes ('cause she's a mucisian), sacred hearts for her coffee house "the True Love," and the river where she takes Lulu (and Abby and me) several times a week.  More layers to come!
Skele-Lulu (in progress)