Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Original Heart -N- Bones Knitting Pattern (freebie!)

As promised in yesterday's post, here is the newly created (by yours truly) Heart 'N' Bones design for Abby's next sweater.  Feel free to share it, use it and/or change it up a little to suit your needs, but please don't make money off of it (I shared it for free after all) and if you publish it, just link back to me.

heart-n-bones knitting pattern

Just to refresh your memory, I'm putting this on a size "3" doggie sweater designed by Street Legal Designs - [2013 UPDATE: the sweater is no longer free online, but you can download the pattern for a few dollars from Ravelry: login required).] .  Because this is for a doogie, I'm not using the more beautiful yarns from my collection of wools, bamboos, silks, ribbons and more, but went for a basic acrylic from the craft store, Red Heart "Soft" in cherry red, grape and white, to be specific; photos to come when I finish.  I decided to eschew the sleeves since my dog is mighty low to the ground.  Although the pattern calls for a DK / sport / #3 weight yarn, I acheived my desired thickness and gauge using a worsted / medium / #4 weight.

Oh, and can I just put in a plug for this awesome book, which has been a real help while I try to remember what I learned about knitting while doing a semester at Oxford in 1987.  Yep.  I'm old.

Knit on, my friends.