Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Local Discovery, Tutorial and Feeling "A Little Queer" Tomorrow

I'm sad to say that this Saturday another small local business, Grind & Groove, closed its doors permanently. Thank you to everyone who patronized this awesome store and purchased art and ... ummm... y'know (toys). Anna and Jen are awesome chicks and I hope that we'll see more of them in midtown, once the economy gets back on its feet. It was sad to watch everything in the store going at their cost (or less), but Abby did get herself an awesome hot pink doggy coat with a huge arrow/heart design (photos later - sorry folks). Chip sort of summed it all up when he said (with no little amount of sarcasm, "Don't worry Lulu, you still have WalMart for lead-laced doggy toys and poisoned doggy food." Sigh. Ron and I were bummed, so we took Abby and went over to Side Show Studios for a visit (and to drop off the orphaned art by various friends that we picked up). Seeing Char and/or Cy always cheers me up - even better, J-sin was there & his genuine smile is certainly a pick-me-up. I suppose this is a great time to remind you all that there will be a GREAT opportunity to pick up 'clearance' art at Side Show Studios this Saturday for the Holiday Art Bonanza (tons of great art at affordable prices)!

So on the way home, I happened to look toward the "Prairie City" plaque just off of Highway 50 and noticed that there was a trail right there! Ron informed me that there was also a reservoir - no kidding - it's not like I've been taking that offramp for the last 9 years or anything.... It turns out it's called the Willow Hills Reservoir and is the spot that the WH community park will be developed ... someday when there's money. In the meantime, I like it all rough and unmanicured/unpaved. So does Abby.
Abby @ Willow Hills Reservoir

With the temperature dropping at night and the impossibly thick fog we've been experiencing lately, not to mention that Abby's body temp is low for a dog (only 98.9), a sweater or five is a must this winter. I went to work searching for a cute, easy and FREE pattern for a dog sweater and was immediately rewarded with the Skull & Dog Bones by Street Legal Designs (as modeled by Abby, above).  The pattern is written with instructions for a range of four sizes, starting with a size 3 (Jack Russell or small Beagle) up to a size 6 (German Shepherd or Lab).  They also have patterns for mini and toy breeds (sizes 1 & 2) on their website.  SLD gives GREAT directions for measuring your doggie and tips for customizing the fit.  At a muscular and slim 16.6 lbs., Abby is pretty much a perfect size "3" with a long torso and a long neck. I'm currently working on a pattern based on this sweater but with a design of my own making (heart & crossbones), which OF COURSE I will post as soon as it is finished. [UPDATE: here it is.]

Finally, for those who don't know, tomorrow is being "celebrated" for lack of a better word, as Day Without A Gay. It's one way to battle the "H8" and show the world how important folks identifying as gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual are to our society.  Feeling a little queer? Call in and tell your employer (of course, if you work at a gay owned or gay-centric business, calling in would be counterproductive). Not gay? It's OK - we all feel a little queer now and then and that means you too. Don't waste your day "off," either - give your local GLBT organization a call and ask how you can help them out!

Y'know, I'm starting to feel a little bit of queerness coming on right now....