Thursday, May 29, 2008

UPDATED: It's a matter of opinion (new photos)

My hubby doesn't care for my newest creation - says it's too much 'in your face.' A few of my girl-type-friends LOVE it for the same reasons I do - it's funny and it's oddly empowering. And, yes, it's what you think it is.

"Emergency Puta Kit" swap "Emergency Puta Kit" swap

I'm in a group of female artists & crafters on Swap-Bot ( who openly talk about anything and I'll give it to them, no-one has been judgmental at all. One of the girls posted a link to a vagina coin purse and jokingly said we should make and swap them. I immediately decided to do just that - but for another, unrelated swap for an "emergency puta kit," or, in English, "Ho on the Go").

I've shown my little 'snatchel' around (hey now!) and have decided that I should make a limited edition run of them for sale. I'll be taking a few custom orders and just about any color is available. I may even make a few "ready to wear" so to speak, but when those are sold out, they're gone for good folks!

Here are the details:
  • made from 100% high quality (quilting quality) hand-dyed cotton fabrics from my HUGE fabric stash - if you want a specific color(s), I probably have it
  • features light stuffing (labial puffiness is negotiable) and a plastic pearl bead "clitoris"
  • fully lined and features a garment quality zipper
  • approx 5" in diameter (2-3" high when filled)
  • will easily hold several credit cards, a lipstick, money & a key (or your tampons and liners ... or condoms... or ...)
  • guaranteed to be a conversation starter ... or stopper when you pull it out to check your lipstick!
  • $30 plus tax ($2.33 CA residents only) & shipping ($6 - includes a $1 PayPal use fee; deduct $1 if paying by check) -- LIMITED EDITION!  NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
UPDATE: OK, since my MySpace pal Inspirada asked, here are some more photos (of the filled purse) to give you a better idea of what it really looks like. I used 3 colors (light pink, pink and red) of hand dyed cotton on this purse. Since the lining (red here) and back.(lt. pink here) aren't really seen much, a print could be used instead.

"coin puss" top view "coin puss" side view "coin puss" bottom view "coin puss" back view

You know you want one.

Reserve your custom 'coin-puss' now and I'll start sewing for a down payment of $10.

"Night of the Crafters" MayMODELED BY THE LOVELY SAM MARIE