Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To tide you over until I actually post again....

Hi all! Well, I am officially home from my 2+ week vacation and I have TONS of photos and lots of blogging yet to do. I lost a huge chunk of a blog yesterday and am not even sure when blogspot SAVED over the full version with the truncated version! However, as I seem to do most of the time, I brought some germiness home with me and am not quite up to snuff, as they say (but there is lots of sniffling).

In the meantime, here is an awesome blog by "Sew, Mama Sew!" where Beth demystifies professional looking seam techniques. To prove that you don't need to have an "overlock" or "serger" to achieve awesome seams, all but the very last technique can be done with a basic sewing machine. All you need is a straight stitch & a zig zag stitch - there is also a technique using pinking (zig zag) shears.

Yes, Yoli, I know I still owe you (in person) and the world (in photos) a step-by-step tutorial on how to install a zipper without swearing. As soon as I stop sneezing and coughing (or if you wear a surgical mask and gloves), I'll show ya!