Friday, March 16, 2012

Combinable (is that a word?) Shop Discounts and New Listings!

Howdy kids!

I'm taking a break from frantic preparations for next month's show to tell you that ArtFire, the online marketplace that hosts Krissi's Art Studio, home of Skelekitty & Friends has some new features to make shopping easier and, to be blunt, CHEAPER for our customers!

NEW "ArtFire Patron" discount.  Now when you sign into ArtFire with a free buyer (they call it a "Patron") account, you will see prices marked down in many of the shops - in mine, all ArtFire Patrons receive an automatic 10% off.
The number in teal is the ArtFire Patron price (10% off shown);
the small number below is the regular price that non-members pay.
Sign up for a Patron account here.
You can even sign in using your Facebook account, after which you will be assigned a patron number.  Just go into your account settings and fill out your profile for an easier shopping experience - no need to complete your shipping profile every time you shop at an ArtFire store, you can give feedback on purchases and communicate more easily with sellers.

NEW Comment discount.  You can now leave comments on ArtFire items (subject to approval by shop owner, of course).  Some shops even give discounts for commenting on their items.  Just look in the right side bar for the blue button to comment and share for a discount.  After you comment, you will see a discounted price for that item only.  Each seller controls which items receive a comment discount and how much that discount will be.
Brooke Van Gory did a helpful
step-by-step photo tutorial
on this feature - check it out.
If the shop doesn't offer a comment discount, you can still leave a comment on that item.  Just scroll all the way to the very bottom of the screen and look for the text box.
I rarely offer comment discounts, but if you have one of my prints, pendants or paintings,
my future customers and I would appreciate any information you'd like to share!
IMPORTANT TIPS! Please don't disappoint the sellers and leave a one-word comment like "awesome."  Be helpful and leave a decent, well thought out comment in return for the discount.  Pretend you're doing it for free - what would you say then?  Why do you want to buy it?  What have you heard?  It's also very helpful to sign in and fill out your screen name before posting - a comment from "DaisyGirl" is so much better than one from "Patron125094."

Combining discounts with Coupons and sale items.  Now this is where it gets good.  Discounts can be "stacked" with each other and with coupon codes. Pretty cool, huh?   So if you have a Skelekitty scratch-off card from a previous order, you can use that coupon code from in combination with your new Patron discount.  Here is an example using an old listing of mine:
To clarify, the discounts are calculated in this order:
Patron discount (from full price)
Comment discount, if any (from Patron price)
Coupon code (from full price)

Happy shopping!  A lot of shops are giving these new features a run this weekend - why not shop around?  I suggest starting with my fellow Corporate Rejects team members.  I know Ant Farm Studio, Madd Style Cosmetics, Kit Cameo and Brooke Van Gory are all offering some sales, and/or discounts too! Of course, don't forget to drop by and visit little ol' Skelekitty too.

Oh yeah, I promised you new listings too, didn't I.  Well, MOST of the new flower & nature paintings are up in the shop as prints and pendants - let me know if there's something you want that you can't find in there and we'll work something out.  ;)


  1. Great write-up on the new features, Krissi! My own sale is a comment discount on my Art Prints section, just to make it easier. :)

  2. Cool, Kit! I also noticed you have a LOT of stuff on clearance!

  3. Yeah, I need to make space. I want to start working on some bigger pieces again.

    1. Must be the season. I'm cleaning stuff out too!