Sunday, November 14, 2010

Year Two With Dog - It's Still Bliss

If you've been following my posts and photos and social networking around the web, then you know that Ron and I are the lucky "humans" to a very, VERY adorable Jack Russell Terrier named Abby.
A tired Jack Russell is a good Jack Russell
Abby loves to snuggle!

Today is the second anniversary of the day she found us on a hiking trail in Coloma (Sutter's Mill), California (and here are some links if you're interested in reading the original post and the one-year post).
super sweet face!
Abby, the first week with us: skinny & submissive with shock-collar scars.

Since then, the ride has been bumpy, stinky, muddy, snuggly, furry and pretty much completely wonderful. When we first had her, she didn't know how to play tug-o-war, bark, chase a ball or just enjoy being a dog.  Clearly, she had not been given boundaries or received positive feedback in her first "home."  Well, we took care of that in short order!
Abby's Graduation (Intermediate Obedience)
Graduation from Intermediate Obedience Training! YAY!

Ron and I often muse that now she must hear "GOOD DOG!" more in one day than she heard in the first two years of her life.  As a matter of fact, sometimes she even "helps" the trainer show other dogs how to behave!  Now she plays, growls like a terrier should, is a PERFECT watch dog, loves children, people in wheelchairs, dogs and pretty much everything life has to offer - including tug toys and balls!
Abby & Buddy!
She loves to play with her friends, like Buddy.

Oh, and she's even on Facebook. and has started posing for super-awesome artsy portraits.
Most awesome portrait ever by Kev Seconds
Custom portrait of Abby by Kevin Seconds (and yeah, he'll paint your dog too!)

I'm not sure what "they" mean by it's a dog's life, when describing something bad, but I do know they certainly weren't talking about THIS dog!


  1. This makes me so happy! I'm so glad that Abby "found" you and that she is living the dog's life. Yeah!

  2. How absolutely wonderful! I'm going to read the original post now... x