Monday, July 5, 2010

FAQs Answered: How do you make your prints?

I get this question all the time (*cough* 50% of the time it's from people who don't want to do their own research *cough*).   I photograph, crop, color correct, digitally manipulate (if necessary to reposition aspects to fit in 8x10 aspect ratio) and print all of my pieces myself.
  • Camera: I have a Nikon D40X camera and use a tripod and a Tamron 18-270 lens with vibration control.
  • Software/hardware: I use a variety of software including Corel PaintShop Pro, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Gimp.  Sometimes I edit with a mouse and sometimes I use my Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet and pen.
  • Printer/inks: I use an Epson Stylus Photo printer with fade resistant pigment inks, professional photo paper and package using archival quality bags and backings (available at
And sure, there are other easier and more cost effective ways to make prints, but my hand-made process allows me to keep an eye on the quality and to offer prints of each and every painting requested, not just the most popular ones.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! :) I decided I'm gonna try out professional print shops first but I was so disappointed of the quality that I now am thinking of getting myself a printer. :)