Monday, February 9, 2009

Art Is Like A Box Of Chocolates...

Once again, a piece I'm working on is not ending up where I thought it would, but it's still pretty cool.

When I started the piece that I wanted to do for the Valentine's Day love & lust / the human body show at Side Show Studios, I envisioned more "real life" color coming through multiple layers of transparent silver glaze on the milagros, so I started by shading with orange (hand) and red (heart).
new painting - "milagros" (working title)

Once I got going on the first layer of painting, things just weren't looking the way I'd hoped so I went another route - black and grey shading over the silver glazed layers, with a little interference paints (orange and red) mixed in for some fun. I ended up spending MUCH more time on the background color blending and layering than I had intended too. Who knew? Anyway, here's where I stand, with some Golden tar gel drying over the milagros (hence the spots of cloudyness).
in progress

I have no clue what else this needs (though I do have my "finishing touch" thanks to a little convincing by Evie to trust my initial instincts).

I also finished, as you know, the piece for Allyson of her doggie, Lulu, as a skelecritter.
FINAL final version

After much prodding by Ron, Allyson and everyone else, I went back and made the 'skele-Abby' up in the right corner more prominent:
skele "Abby" detail

This is finally sealed & dry, and has all the hanging hardware attached to the back so it's going to Al TOMORROW! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she likes it.