Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Because It's ALL About You! (new landing page at skelekitty.com)

I spent two full days this week working on making my shop easier for folks to get around in.  There are two big changes that I think are pretty cool:

New main page.  Instead of the old main page, which took you to the first 20 or so products, now you will start at this awesome page, where you can browse by item (paintings, earrings) or imagery (hearts, Doctor Who, etc.)   It looks like this:
NEW skelekitty.com main page helps you browse items using pictures
As you can see, all the text links are still available on the left nav bar, but now you can browse visually, and easily find imagery (previously these categories could only be accessed from a pull-down menu on the ALL THE THINGS page).  If you ever want to return to this page, just click the shop banner and it will take you right there.

Links inside listings.  Let's say you are clicking around and come across a pendant you like, but you don't wear jewelry, so you wonder, "is this available as a print?"  Now all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of that listing and click SEE ALL ITEMS WITH THIS IMAGE (it's right above the price).  Clicking that link from inside any listing will show you all items with the same image or group of images.  In the rare case that there is no link, it means that the item is unique or is not yet offered on other items.

I'm always looking for ways to make shop browsing easier for customers, so if you ever have a question or suggestion, drop me a note using the contact link in my shop.

Thanks for dropping by!

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