Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Previous Accomplishments, Future Goals

Thanks to the wonderful and inspirational San Smith and her posts on creating visual lists, I got the idea to do a year in review of 2009 and goals for the coming year.   Here's what I came up with - what do you think?

2009 Accomplishments - YAY ME!
  1. broadened network and skelekitty fan-base
  2. skelekitty.com (up and running)!
  3. improved art techniques with practice
  4. gallery shows outside of Sacramento and California
  5. taught first classes (mixed-media classes at Santa Clarita Craft Lab)
  6. helped build Abby's confidence (OK, so its not really a career accomplishment, but if you'd met this dog when we found her, you'd agree that this is worth noting)
  7. Artfire.com shop open (Skelekitty)
  8. accepted commissions (from friends)
  9. accepted custom orders (from anyone)
  10. took portrait class

GOALS (blank page on the right is for mid-year evaluation & reassessment)
2010 Goals, part 1
  1. new Skelekitty rubber stamps 
  2. (Skelekitty) tee shirts, make 'em, sell 'em
  3. 3rd Saturday vendor show (with Juli Nocita)
  4. take figure drawing and/or additional portrait class
  5. teach mixed-media at VOX Sacramento
  6. get (art) into 3 or more new galleries
  7. re-create www.krissisandvik.com
  8. paint, sketch or write DAILY
  9. make artfire.com shop self-sustaining
  10. create on a larger scale (more paintings, larger sizes)

What are YOUR accomplishments and goals?